HP Lustcraft

I have some writing news.  My story “Tuning In, Turning On, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness” is coming out as part of a Cthulhurotica anthology from Dagan Books.  Cthulhu and erotica aren’t terms that often go together, but based on the submission guidelines I don’t think there will be much tentacle porn here.

My story is set in a hippie utopia in the 1960’s.  I am excited, of course, to have my story come out; but I am just as excited to read the stories from the other authors.  Judging on the contributors and their titles, it should be a great read.

It’s an amazing idea, and the cover art is spectacular.

The release date is December 15 2010, but stay tuned because according to the publisher there will be a chance to obtain it earlier.

The month of November will be open to pre-orders. Those orders will be at regular price but will be mailed out (Priority Mail) the week BEFORE the book is available for purchase anywhere else. They will also be hand numbered, and come with an extra gift.

Whether you prefer to read your books via overpriced electronic toys or on dead trees, there will be an option for you.

Dagan Books remains committed to the promotion of both technologies, print and digital.

Please check back for more news.


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