A Short Sketch

Leonardo Da VInci enters his house, a canvas under his arms.

ISABELLA: What have you got there?

LEO: Careful it’s still wet.

He sets it down and she sees it for the first time

ISABELLA:That’s interesting.

LEO: Yeah I like it. It might be the best thing I’ve done so far.

ISABELLA: What are you going to do with it?

LEO: I was thinking of putting it on the wall?

ISABELLA: Like that?

LEO: Well yeah

ISABELLA: Without a frame?

LEO: It’s a pretty good picture. Why does it need a frame?

ISABELLA: You’re not at the university anymore. Why can’t you grow up?

LEO: Why does it need some wood on the edges? It doesn’t change the picture; that’s what matters.

ISABELLA: I don’t get the picture anyway. It’s just a woman. What is she even smiling about?

LEO: It’s subtle. Look I put a lot of work into this. Usually I just end up procrastinating or doodling caricatures.

ISABELLA: No way, not without a frame. (beat) Unless….

LEO: Yeah?

ISABELLA: You want to put it in the basement, next to that Vitruvian Man and your signed poster from Machievelli.

LEO: The basement? They’ll get all moldy. My stuff will never survive down there.

ISABELLA: Too bad, mister.

LEO: Fine I’ll get a frame.


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