Cthulhurotica Reviews

Some people are starting to review Cthulhurotica, and the results are pretty positive.  (Though admittedly this concept preselects its readers as well as anything this side of Justin Beiber  3D).

Rise Reviews has the most comprehensive I’ve seen; it’s a very well-considered look at the stories as a whole.  It’s great reading for anyone who is interested in Lovecraft or gender roles. An excerpt, concerning my entry:

However, the ‘monstrous female’ is an extreme manifestation of the female dominance in the anthology. The idea of female empowerment through sex is handled in a constructive manner. With the demonization of female sexuality women achieved dominance through destruction, while here women use their sexuality to exert control over their own lives. This is best shown in “Infernal Attractors” by Cody Goodfellow, where Shirley copulates with the demon that’s been feeding on her to weaken it and liberate herself from its control. In “Turning on, Tuning in & Dropping out at the Mountains of Madness” by Ahimsa Kemp, Euphoria is in control when she understands Nyarlothotep’s true nature. Euphoria uses her sex appeal and a kiss to trick a deity, which in a Lovecraftian story is impossible to happen.

There is much more in the review and I definitely encourage you all to check it out.


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