Keep On Keeping On

I am working on my novel still.  Halfway through chapter 5 and closing in on 30,000 words.  That’s about halfway counting either projected chapters or projected words, so it feels good.  I still have to figure a lot out about the next couple chapters, but overall progress is going well.

One of the biggest challenges is getting the historical aspects correct.  Although I’m writing what could optimistically be dubbed an alternate history, it’s important to me to get the details correct.  Even though I got my masters in Ancient History, it’s still a lot of research to be sure that the details are largely accurate.  On the other hand, I can’t stop the narrative with accurate-but-dry descriptions.  So it’s a balancing act, and only time will tell if I’m getting it right.


3 thoughts on “Keep On Keeping On

  1. I don’t envy either of your tasks. I just wrote a 20 page alt. history short story, and spent 15 plus hours doing research. Can’t imagine the time it’d take to research a whole novel. Good luck, both of you.

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