I’d better work on my beard

There’s another review of Cthulurotica over at Yog-Sothoth.com. The reviewer is ultra knowledgable about the Mythos, and his/her take on the stories is both knowledgeable and fair.

It’s a very specific context, of course, but I’m quite pleased at the comparison made in the review of my story.

TURNING ON, TUNING IN, & DROPPING OUT AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS (Ahimsa Kerp) is probably the first Mythos story I’ve ever read set in ’60s hippie culture. Definitely the most original characterization of Nyarlathotep I’ve seen, at least since Alan Moore’s Neonomicon.

Alan Moore's Wikipedia photo

Once again, it’s really an amazing feeling to write stories that other people enjoy. I encourage you to pick up the book (the link is provided above) and see what you think.


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