A Blog About the Blurb

I recently alluded to some great press for The Roads to Baldairn Motte. I’m not sure what form it will take on the actual book–front cover, back cover, etc, but we have our first reader reaction. It’s from none other than James Blaylock. Blaylock was a pioneer of both steampunk and urban fantasy, and he has won the World Fantasy Award and the Philip K. Dick Award as well.

It says a lot about him, as well, that he’s willing to vouch for three unknown authors.

I was drawn into the world of Baldairn Motte at once by the rich prose and the promise of high adventure, but it was the characters and the fast moving story that held me literary hostage. I hope there’s a sequel!”

We have discussed a sequel, naturally. We’ve got a plethora of ideas about how to follow it up, involving some in the distant (steampunk?) future. That will be fun to talk about once Roads comes out and we are able to discern some reader reaction to the story.

We’ve also issued ARCs to a couple of other authors as well. Hopefully we’ll have more good news soon.


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