Wisdom of the Romans

I am still writing my story set in ancient Rome.  In researching Latin words and phrases, I have come across several phrases that I won’t use in the book but that I really like.  Here are three of them:

  • “Those who hurry across the sea change their sky, not their attitude.” – Horace.  (Someday I’ll stop being surprised by how little life changes over time. )
  • Maximus in minimus:  Being very great at very trivial things.  (This speaks against over-specialization, but also admonishes modesty I think.  After all, when you really think about it, what isn’t trivial?)
  • Habent sua fata libelli —  Books have their destinations.  (Kind of fatalistic, but kind of liberating–you write a book and all you can do is see what happens.)




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