Writing (and Procrastinating)

My job has changed a bit. It’s still teaching ESL to 8-12 year-olds, but it’s far better than what I was doing before. Best of all, I am working 1-9. Dream hours for a writer–I get mornings to write, and I can stay up as late as I like. My goal is 500 words before noon. And then during the night I can add to that however much feels appropriate.

It’s really a dream set-up. My current challenge comes from the game Medieval 2: Total War. It’s a bit old now, but I never got around to playing it before (though I played the hell out of the first one). You get to take a medieval faction and through scheming, diplomacy, and the occasional battle rule over all of Europe. Your strategy is affected by your religion (Catholics get bossed around by the Pope), location (don’t live near the Mongols), and random events like earthquakes and Bubonic Plague. It’s a serious time waster, but I think I’ll find a good balance.


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