2011: A Year of … ?


While 2010 was a high-point for me (selling one story to an anthology, getting my novel published) 2011 has been consisted of a few steps back.

Although I sold one story to Eschatology early on, my track record otherwise was a bit rough. I submitted a variety of stories for a total of 26 times. 23 of them were rejected, with varying degrees of acceptance. Furthermore, 2 of the three acceptances were for travel writing as guest articles.

So my acceptances are down. The good news is that I’ve written more this year than ever before. Almost 100,000 total. I have a 5000 word steampunk story that might be a start of a novel, and I think it’s one of the best short stories I’ve ever written. I have a couple of other stories plotted and I think they have some real promise.

Most importantly is Lifeless. I had a thousand or two words written in 2010, but now I’ve got 80,000 and it’s almost done. I aim to finish it before Lunar New Years (mid-January). It’s been a pain to write–many POV’s, lots of research, and covering a span of time that could kindly be described as ill-advised. It’s not like anything I’ve written before, nor is it like anything I’ve read before.

What’s more, though there haven’t been very many reviews, they’ve all been great. (I’ve linked to most of them on this blog if you’re interested.) Therefore, while this year has not been replete with successes, I think I’m poised for a good 2012. At the very least, I should have a novel and 3 or 4 decent stories to shop.

What are your goals for 2012? How much have you written this year?

7 thoughts on “2011: A Year of … ?

  1. While your acceptances may be down, that is not a step back whatsoever. You sold three more pieces this year than most writers will their entire career. With every piece you submit, whether it is accepted or not, you are doing what most will only dream about doing.

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