A Collection of Cthulhurotica Reviews

These exist in various places, but I wanted to include all the reviews of the anthology that mention my story.  There are many great stories in this anthology, or in a long-standing tradition, you can choose to read it for the articles.

From Wagging the Fox

The stories I liked most were varied. Some took a more contemporary approach, some had a more streamlined style to Lovecraft’s while hanging onto that imitative flavor. Stand outs for me included: …  “Turning On, Tuning In, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness” by Ahimsa Kerp, which was absolutely saturated in a sixties milieu that felt almost too fun to belong in a Lovecraft world;

From Innsmouth Free Press

My favourite Mythos deity, Nyarlothotep, is the subject of another couple of stories. First there is “Turning On, Tuning In, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness”, for which Ahimsa Kerp deserves tremendous credit in imagining the Crawling Chaos as a 60s guru making deals with gullible and stoned hippies.

From Yog-Sothoth

TURNING ON, TUNING IN, & DROPPING OUT AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS (Ahimsa Kerp) is probably the first Mythos story I’ve ever read set in ’60s hippie culture. Definitely the most original characterization of Nyarlathotep I’ve seen, at least since Alan Moore’s Neonomicon.

And from the reviewer Tarl on Goodreads  

Hippies and Lovecraftian themes. Oddly interesting, well written and true to the language and behaviors of the day. A good read, and draws nicely to the feelings of being drawn to something that will (and you know it) use you to get what it wants. Euphoria is oddly a touching character and one someone can easily relate to.

Check out more about the book at Goodreads.


2 thoughts on “A Collection of Cthulhurotica Reviews

  1. Never a bad thing to be mentioned in the same sentence as Alan Moore. Unless maybe the sentence is something like, “Compared to Alan Moore, this was just putrid.” Sentences like that, you might want to avoid.

  2. True. Then again, compared to Alan Moore, most things are pretty putrid. So I guess even that would be acceptable. Now if they said “compared to Terry Goodkind this was putrid” I would just have to cry a little.

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