My Only Friend, The End

I got to type those words today on my novel.  At 88,000 words, it’s longer than I originally expected and (probably) shorter than it should be.  It’s been a long trip–I started a screenplay in 2005.  I was getting my masters in Roman history and with Dawn of the Dead 2004 and Shaun of the Dead, zombies were getting big.  The juxtaposition seemed natural.  The vision of spiked chariots churning through undead shamblers was the first thing I thought of.  I never got past the first ten pages, though, and time passed.

In 2010, deciding it would be better to novelize it, I wrote a chapter or two, and they still exist in the book to some extent.  But it wasn’t until March 2011 that I started in earnest.  Some months were better than others, but a little over a year later I’ve finished the rough draft.

It needs work, sure.   Probably some significant rewriting and certainly a few fact checks.  That will be a new challenge, and probably not a fun one.  Once I hear back from my writing group, I will polish it up and then begin the next step: looking for an agent.  This certainly won’t be fun–I still get bummed every time my short stories don’t quite work for John Joseph Adams.

That’s all in the future.  For now, I’m extremely happy just to have typed those two final words.


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