This Is A Call (For All Fantasy Artists!)

The Roads to Baldairn Motte Art Contest

$50 Prize for winner!

All eligible entrants will be included in The Roads to Baldairn Motte promotional trailer to be released in early 2013.

 Contest Entry Rules:

Step 1: Send an e-mail to with “B Motte Art Contest” in the subject line. You will be sent a free promotional copy of the acclaimed mosaic fantasy novel, The Roads to Baldairn Motte, in e-book format.

Step 2: Read the book and create your work of art inspired by the book (it’s a mosaic novel, so there are dozens of characters, action sequences, and settings to choose from).

Step 3: Submit your artwork to by the contest deadline: January 15th, 2013. All standard image formats accepted (i.e. tiff, jpeg, gif).

What happens next?

On January 16th, all eligible art entries will be posted on the Baldairn Motte Facebook page, as well as the blogs of authors Garrett Calcaterra and Ahimsa Kerp, for 5 days of voting from the fans. All artists are encouraged to round up their own fans to join in the voting fun on any of the 3 pages.

The winner will be chosen by popular vote and will receive $50 via your choice of PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

All eligible entrants, including the winner, will be included in the official Baldairn Motte trailer, with a by-line credit and link to each artist’s website. All artists maintain all copyrights to their work; by submitting, you’re simply granting us a non-exclusive right to use the artwork on our FB page, blogs, and the resultant promo video.

What exactly is an eligible entry?

We’re looking for is original art that is inspired by the book—its gritty characters, the epic landscapes, the battles large and small… The art can be dark, gritty, and even titillating, just like the book. What we don’t want is canned fantasy art or old artwork that clearly is not related to the book. The contest administrators reserve the right to disqualify any piece of art at our discretion.

Good luck! We’re excited to share our book with you and see what you come up with.

-Garrett Calcaterra, Craig Comer, and Ahimsa Kerp


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