The Weaponry of Medieval Rajasthan

Writers love violence.  I think it’s a) a symptom of our society and b) a really easy way to create conflict.  Movies where thousands of people die are considered more morally acceptable than one where two people press their naked bodies together.  Patrick Rothfuss received far more criticisms for sex scenes in his second book than he ever did for any of the deaths, injuries or maiming.

And so it goes.

I am trying, as a writer, to move away from writing violence.  It’s hard in the spec fic genre, especially when so many of the writers I love do it so well.  My current work in progress novel has a main character involved on an epic quest that doesn’t fight.  (This is something Tolkien sort of explored with the Hobbits before decided to just train them into mini-warriors.)

While researching said novel, I spent a lot of time in museums across India.  I do think morally that violence shouldn’t be glorified–however, some of the weapons currently in the museums are pretty rad.  Here is a gallery of some of the weirdest/strangest/most interesting weapons in the war-like Rajasthan.


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