Uh-Oh! Nanowrimo!

I have previously stated my feelings on Nanowrimo.  Not that I think it’s worthless, but it never seemed to make sense to me.  In fact, two days ago I semi-scoffed at the idea when it was brought up.  “I don’t know that I’ll ever do it,” I said.

Flash forward to today.  My buddy pitched me a softball, something like “Hey I think I’m going do it this year.  You wanna join?”

And that, my friends, was all it took. It won’t be easy to find the time.  I will be traveling down Vietnam in a hectic rush for most of the month, but hopefully can eke out 1500 words a day by staying up extra late.  And I’ll be sure to eat extra bahn mi to power through some writing sessions.

Nanowrimo makes sense this year, even though I have December and January set aside as major writing time for my next “real” novel.  Why?
Because for the last several years, I have been playing an online RPG with two of my good friends.  I understand this is a sort of bibliopariah–no one wants to read about another person’s characters and the adventures they have suffered through*.  But I don’t want to try to sell it, and the challenge of translating a game into a novel has always seemed quite interesting.  Because I don’t want to sell it, or even necessarily show it to anyone, it will be quite freeing to work on things like pacing, characterization, and action without taking the time for writing good prose.

I may not get it done.  I have also enrolled in an online class, and what with lots of 20 hour bus rides and night trains in my future, it will be tough.  But it will be fun, I think, and thats all the reason I need.

*Apart, maybe, from Weis & Hickman, and (I’ve always suspected) perhaps also Raymond Feist.



2 thoughts on “Uh-Oh! Nanowrimo!

  1. Yes, isn’t Nanowrimo all about the fun.
    Hopefully someone will remind me of this as I tear out the remaining head hairs trying to write my Nano. As usual I doubt I’ll be writing it till November 1st and then I’ll probably be all in.
    Good luck with it.

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