Storytelling Assignment Two: Serial Protagonism

I am trying to catch up while I have time/fast internet, so fairly quickly after assignment one I have assignment 2.  (Unit 2 was not very exciting, but I understand the difference between German soap operas and Columbian telenovelas now.)

This is one where you’re supposed to guess who I am describing–if you know the show, it should be obvious rather quickly.

Please pick any existing serial protagonist that you know very well, and use the attached PDF/the form below to create a character profile. This profile should include his or her most important traits. Please post the ANSWER below this question post.


Physical Description (Size, Weight, Defining Attributes…): An old slight, wizened short man with white hair.

Gender: male

Age: old

Personality/Nature: absent-minded, good-hearted

Ambitions/Desires: Be a good friend, keep his friends out of trouble

Is mostly seen as: nice, other than by those whom he coaches

Sees himself as: a loveable man

Loves: Baseball, friends, bartending

Believes in: God, Friends

Trusts: Friends

Fears most: being alone

Fights for: friendship

Hates: Alcoholism, users.

Most important event in life up to date: Having a daughter, playing in the majors

Most influenced by: Professional Ball players

Best Friends: Sam Malone, Norm Peterson,

Worst Enemies: The gang at Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern

Relationship/Family status: Widower

Social/Ethnic Background: Italian

Occupation: bartender

Education: very little, I’m guessing

Hobbies: watching westerns

Special Skills/Talents: mean bartending skills, getting hit in the head with fastballs

Flaws: Very absent-minded.  Quite the disciplinarian.

Special behaviorism(s), quirks,…:not very worldly wise

Style (Dress/Life Style): Casual

Name: Ernie Pantusso

Nickname: Coach

TV Series, this character is in: Cheers



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