Storytelling Assignment Three: Interview With A Fictional

Okay it’s week three for my online class on storytelling.

The parameters:

  1. Whether it is desires, enemies, professions, hobbies, religions, behaviorisms or else: Please think about who your character is, where he/she is coming from.
  2. Find a “home” for your fictional character. Meaning: give him a place to be, a blog, a Facebook account, a career on LinkedIn, a twitter account or else. Create his or her identity.
  3. To clarify that this is a fictional StoryMOOC character, make this character state somewhere that he/she’s a friend/acquaintance/enemy/fan of (…well, give him ANY relation to…) a certain “Aunt Renie” (a friendly, old, world-traveling lady from Potsdam, and a character we’ll meet later in our MOOC)

Creating an entire blog for my character seems a bit wasteful, so I’m going to give her a guest post here.  And by “guest post” I think I mean interview.

First, a quick description.  Koyla lives in our future.  She grew up on what we would call the Russian steppe, living a harsh nomadic life.  This future is a pretty harsh place: aliens and monsters and demons and more all try pretty hard to kill the last bits of humanity.  One such monster killed Koyla’s family, and only she, her Aunt Renie, and her little brother escaped.  They fled into dangerous lands, and her aunt was changed into a crazy killer.  Koyla escaped. Her brother did not.
Koyla was grief-stricken and wandered the land until she heard rumors of an organization set up to fight monsters like the one that had killed her family, killed her aunt and brother.  It took her some time to travel, but now she has joined the Knight Owls and stands with the last hope of humanity.

A: First of all, is it true that are you are truly a fictional character?

K: It is yes. Though I’m probably more an amalgamation of wish-fulfillment and lack of creativity than a product of any great process.

A: Hey! I’m standing right here.

K: Exactly. I mean I’m gyspy. Why would they even exist in the future?

A: That’s a good point actually.

A: Okay, why don’t you tell me about your powers?

K: Well, I am a master psionicist. That means I can do freaky shit with my brain, like talk in your head or make things float. I can dance a mean jig, outdrink any two men, and play the fiddle like no one’s business. Oh, and I can turn into any animal or human, for a short time.

A: That all sounds rather formidable. You must not have any problems staying alive.

K: Didn’t you see that stuff up there about monsters and demons? I REALLY shouldn’t still be alive, and it’s only great luck and narrative need that has led to my continued existence.

A: Well, you do have a reputation for being rash.

K: Why do you think that is, numbskull? You always choose to make me spur of the moment. I’d far rather take things a bit more easily, believe you me.

A: Point taken. What do you see in your future? Will you and your fellow Knight Owls be able to vanquish evil.

K: Like I said, I don’t expect to be alive much longer. Vanquishing evil seems rather pie-in-the-sky right about now.

A: No comment.

K: This interview sucks. I’m out of here.

A: Really? ….

A: And I guess this concludes the interview. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Storytelling Assignment Three: Interview With A Fictional

  1. Thanks for the mail, lol (nano) not really the fastest, there are loads quicker than me. Special circumstances this year, I’m at home, inspired, (in some pain, long story) but it is all good.

    Love the blog. Keep it coming. 🙂 Dawn

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