End of November

The month of bad mustaches and poorly-written novels has come to an end.  Considering the circumstances (traveled quickly down the length of Vietnam, settled into [temporary] new home in Chiang Mai, computer blew up, new computer was purchased and slowly brought up to speed) it was quite a productive month.

I didn’t finish “The Knight Owls,” but I got almost 54,000 words into it and it breaks off at a pretty decent cliffhanger.

I wrote and submitted a flash piece for Apex’s Christmas edition.

I wrote and submitted an ending to an untitled Shirley Jackson short story.

I worked on a handful of non-fiction travel articles I’ll be sending out in the next little while.

I submitted 8 unsold stories I am currently looking for a home. (2 have already been rejected–thank you Clarkesworld and the Dark!)

I read 8 books for my goodreads challenge.

For me, a pretty lazy guy, it’s a pretty good month, even if it came at the cost of watching less tv and playing fewer video games.  But it’s nothing compared to my December hopes.  I have 6 more weeks here in Chiang Mai, where my only duty apart from being a human being (something I’ve never really been very good at) is to write.  My goal: 15,000 words a week.  That for 6 weeks is 90,000, which should be about how long the work in progress is.  What writing both Empire of the Undead and the Knight Owls taught me (and it’s echoed by a lot of other people) is that writing a first draft doesn’t require great prose or anything other than words on the page.

Chiang Mai Gate
So I’m hoping to be mostly done with the first draft by mid-January 2014.  Apart from that, I need to read 6 more books to hit my goal for the year–110 total.  And I still want to get out and about to explore Chiang Mai as well.  Phew!


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