Baldairn Motte Cover Reveal

Cover art by Ben Thorton, Designed by Mary C Moore.

Cover art by Ben Thorton, Designed by Mary C Moore.

Like a phoenix, or a zombie, or a zombie phoenix (is such a creature even possible?), the mosaic novella The Roads to Baldairn Motte is back.  The book is a collection of stories, anchored by three novellas, that tell of a war of succession.  Each author has written a different perspective, which deepens and sometimes contradicts the other tales.  The goal was a fantasy equivalent of Rashoman, or to put it another way, to metaphorically explain Lord of the Rings from the perspective of the southern men who thought they were coming to help poor old Sauron.

Several years ago, all unpublished writers pitching an unusual work, we were lucky to get a deal with L&L Dreamspell. They were great to work with, but a combination of them being a more romance oriented print and our own lack of knowledge of marketing, the book didn’t sell as well as we hoped. Due to sad real life circumstances, the publisher closed down earlier this year.

That should have been the end of it. Luckily, one of the authors has since published a fantasy novel, and through that he met Mary C Moore. She was a literal booksaver, working with us on copy edits, additional material, cover design, and more. She really championed the book and now it will come out soon (this month) from Reputation Books.

Initially it will be an ebook only , but if interest/sales are high enough, it could have a print component. The original version garnered a bit of critical acclaim–with praise from James Blaylock, Misty Massey, and reviewers on goodreads and Rogue Blades Entertainment. This version is much better–fewer typos, more content, clearer writing, and a kickass new cover from artist Ben Thornton.

Watch this space for more info, or you can go like the Official Facebook page.


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