Work in Progress – Week 2

It was another uneven week, and I left too much writing until the last couple days.  My goal was 30,000 words and I end this week a few thousand words shy of that.  And so my goals have been shot down!

Snow White Armed and Ready سنووايت تحمل السلاح

I’m not too bummed.  I’ll make it up next week and I have spent a fair bit of time (belatedly) fleshing out my story and giving myself a purpose to write towards.  Always a good thing!  Also I have continued to research India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and have gleaned a host of details to incorporate.  Finally I have reduced the aimed for word count to 80,000.  There should be room for expansion in rewrites, but it’s too hard for me to stretch narrative over such a long distance.

And so no reward for me this week.  It’s a shame, as I wanted to print up a copy of MYTHIC ICELAND.  But since I won’t actually play anytime soon, it’s no big deal.

This time next week I should be around 45,000 words.  In the immortal words of Shaggy, Jeepers!


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