Christmas Flash Fiction

A 250 word story for the holidays.

Santa’s Turn

Christmas always made Santa so surly and cross.  He grumbled at the elves and swore at the reindeer.  He complained unceasingly until Mrs. Claus despaired.

“This holiday, let’s swap. I’ll go out with sled and presents, and you shall mind the house,” said she.  So, early next morning, Mrs. Claus swung a bag over her back, and left for the stables.

Santa churned the butter; but it was thirsty work and he went downstairs for some ale. He tapped the keg as he heard something above him. Santa ran up the stairs; when he saw an elf, mouth dripping cream, he grew wild with rage and ran at the elf.  He kicked it so hard the elf died on the spot. Then Santa rushed back to the cellar, but every drop of ale had run out of the cask.

The reindeer was still shut up.  Cursing, he brought her up onto the thatch, so it could nose for grass in the snow.  He tied one end of the rope to her, and dropped the other through the chimney so she could not fall.

So back down: he tied the rope around his waist as the eggnog began to boil (and he had still to make the candy canes.)  But down came the reindeer and as she fell, she dragged Santa up the chimney.

Eventually Mrs. Claus returned. She cut the rope and down came her husband, standing on his head in the spoiled eggnog.

He never complained about Christmas again.



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