2013 – Write On!

Another year that didn’t go as well as I hoped.  I did sell 3 short stories this year.  That’s contrasted by 51 rejections , sure, (a further 8 submissions are still in limbo) but you know, the bad with the good and all that.  Also got a “reprint” on Tales to Terrify, which was my first podcast and lots of fun.  And if you squint, you can see all kinds of great writers on that list–which makes Lovecraft and King and Barron and many others my Table of Contents mates, as Obi-Wan says, from a certain point of view.

From a certain point of view.

Yup. That’s me, sharing a TOC with Lovecraft, King, Barron, and Gene Wolf.

I’ve written 7 stories this year as well, and a couple of them (currently vacationing at Tor and Analogue, respectively) I feel are some of my best work.  I also wrote a 55,000 word novella and am 30,000 into my current novel.  Oh, and I have written and published a handful of travel articles as well.  Altogether it’s close to 100,000 new words written this year.

Much of the year was spent looking for a market for Empire of the Undead.  LOTS (let’s say it’s a number that rhymes with nifty) of rejections, but a few very respected agents and publishers gave it serious consideration.  Having someone in a respected New York office call you talented and praise your prose as strong is really huge when you’re a largely unpublished writer.

In the end, I turned down two different offers from small presses that ultimately wouldn’t have been enough of a step up from self-publishing.  It’s still at a few places, but with a slow beginning and featuring zombies (who are so dead nobody even bothers saying they’re dead anymore) I’m beginning to accept that it might end up chilling out in my virtual trunk for a few years. I’m still glad I wrote it, anyway.

Oh, and I edited and added new material to The Roads to Baldairn Motte, which found new life as an ebook.

Nowhere near as successful as I’d like, but definitely a base to keep building on.  Especially considering I haven’t had much stability this year–have visited eleven countries and not until November did I spend more than a week in one place.

What about you, gentle reader?  How was your 2013?  And what are your goals for 2014?

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