Aragorn and Arwen

Arwen: Look, when daddy said you had to be King before you married me, I thought that meant you’d, you know, try to become king.

Aragorn: These things take time

Arwen: They’d take less time if you’d start!

Aragorn: That’s not fair.

Arwen: Near as I can see, you spend all your time near Breetown. What’s so special there? The ale?

Aragorn: I have been there, yes. I have been everywhere in Middle Earth, under the stars and beneath the sun. I have camped in the snow and tread over paths no mortal man dared for a thousand years.

Arwen: I mean, why are bobbits so important, anyway?

Aragorn: They’re hobbits, goddammit!

Arwen: I don’t care! They’re not me! Aragorn, you’re 49 years old. It’s time to get serious about your future.

Aragorn: My Luthien. It’s not easy. It has been generations since my family had any power. The sword that was broken remains so and Sauron only grows in power and strength. My doom yet requires relentless work and effort.

Aragorn: I see now why mother warned me that such love would be folly.

Arwen: Meh. Gilraen was a bitch.


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