The Empire has a Home

I admittedly have been quiet over here recently–most of my blogging energy has gone to Yeti.  But as I’ve been traveling I have been writing and submitting and re-writing and re-submitting and doing all that goes into finding a market for newly written stories.

Amidst the expected rejections, I have lots of exciting news, but all of it sort of pales in comparison the big story,  I have a publisher for Empire of the Undead, the romans vs zombies novel I spent too long writing.  The publisher is called Severed Press, and they have released a lot of well-received, top-selling books on Amazon.  They create some great covers  as well.  I’m quite excited to work with them and, more than anything, eager to share the story of slaves, gladiators, senators, and consuls as they band together to stave off the apocalypse.

But just as exciting, or nearly so, is that they have asked me to write two more novels for them.  I can choose out of their new lines of Lost World, Kaiju, or sea monsters.  I am outlining ideas and working on those right now, and it’s very early days.  Still, it’s about the most fun time of writing, when everything is possible.

I will blog more as ideas become locked down and things like cover art become available.  But that’s the big news for now.


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