Beneath the Mantle – Rough Draft Completion

Phew. It took two and-a-half months, which on one hand is too long but on the other is record time by my sluggish countries, (in my defense, I did move to a different country. Twice) (also in my defense, I’m lazier than I should be) but my 50,000 word novella for Severed Press is done. Well the first draft is done and it’s out to beta readers.

I went through quite a few titles but I’m reasonably happy with the current one. Of course, it alludes to a Journey to the Center of the Earth genre of story.  I definitely tried to keep it as pulpy as Burroughs, Verne, and Doyle but it’s set in contemporary times with a lot of my favorite elements in it. From the Mayan god of burping to terror birds to Egyptian street food, I tried to stuff as many cool ideas as could feasibly fit into a slender novella.

I exerted more effort on structure than I ever have before and I’m interested to see how noticeable that is. It’s early yet to discuss plot and characters, but I thought I’d share some of the pictures that I looked up to inspire this story. It’s definitely the most visual story I’ve ever told. Click on the pictures if you wanna see these cool things all close up.


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