Beneath the Mantle – Release Day

Beneath-the-Mantle-ebook-coverWhen Gary Lucas of Severed Press asked which books I wanted to write, I knew for sure that one of them had to be a Journey to the Center of the Earth type.

I had recently re-read the first 5 or 6 Pellucidar books (adapting them to an RPG) and plus who didn’t grow up up loving the rubber mouthed dinosaurs of Lost World and Land that Time Forgot?

I brainstormed a bit, even considering having the survivors from Empire of the Undead be the protagonists. My good friend Wind kindly pointed out how ridiculous that would be. Realizing that the genre had perhaps stagnated a bit I decided to set it in modern times. From there, I spent 2 weeks outlining the 50,000 word skeleton.

I tried to get it done during nanowrimo but accepting a job in China threw a damper in that plan. China only lasted 3 days, but the escape to South Korea and subsequent employment search took up more time.  At last though, the last 2 months of December and first 2 weeks of January I finally got the rough draft typed up.

I went through a lot of working titles, calling it various things like “Nomads of the Nave” or “Polar Cruise” or simply “Core.” For a long time, I thought the name would be Selvage and Omphalos and even toyed with that as the title with “Beneath the Mantle as the overall series name.

In the end, I couldn’t be happier with what I ended up with.  I hope some readers are too!


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