Bricks of the Dead Review

Reviews. Writers like Neil Gaiman could take a poo and win an award for it, not to mention garner rave reviews, but for I think for new writers especially, reviews are often awaited with some trepidation.

Of course you hope your book finds resonance with readers but there is no guarantee.  Thus when I saw that the lovely people over at Bricks of the Dead had responded to my request of a couple months back and reviewed Empire of the Undead, I was a bit worried. There’s a lot not to like, both through deliberate choices and a lack of skill on my part

But the review was fair. They highlighted some problems that other reviewers too have noted, but overall it sounds like a positive experience. It’s really gratifying to know that the writing risks you took pay off, even some of the time. Check out the first couple of paragraphs here…

I am both a huge fan of history and zombies, so when you put the two together, I tend to get pretty excited. Empire of the Undead hits this sweet spot, by setting its zombie apocalypse right in the middle of the Roman empire. Better still, it splits the narrative between the city of Rome itself, and various places on the frontier. I find this particularly appealing because it gives the story a huge sense of scale, giving us the perspective of both the conquerors and the conquered, and how all different echelons of society deal with the threat.

As befitting its epic nature, Empire of the Undead packs loads of characters and subplots into its pages. There’s a lot going on here, and it can get a little confusing if you’re not a close reader. I liked this, personally. Each character has their own issues and motivations, many of which they keep secret. This makes the characters seem very real, and the world of the book.

And, should you feel so inclined to see the entirety, the rest of the review is here.


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