The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia

It’s Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday! That means release day for Meatlandia. (I posted about this over on my RPG blog too.)

Here is the blurb for those of you interested in wacky role-playing shenanigans.


The Chaos Gods come to Meatlandia is available now. It is tongue-in-cheek and a little bit deadly serious too. Inspirations include Edgar Allen Poe, Frank Herbert, and The Crow.

It features a new setting, including maps and NPCs and story seeds that belong to the city of Meatlandia, which can be slotted into pretty much any campaign. It also has new classes (including 3 Bards) and magic, which depending on your GM/Referee, can be slotted into any other game. (The Chaos DJ is not a class for everyone.)

We are a new company so any feedback is extra helpful.


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