On the Evolution of an Ebook

My last post here I talked about my upcoming collection of short stories.

The book is still coming out (next month, I hope!) Much has changed since then, however, including the title, the cover, and many of the stories in the book.

At first the idea was to publish my stories that had never been read or published before. But the more I edited and re-read, the more I realized there was a good reason for many of those stories had never been published. I also got a cover blurb from a friend of mine and I didn’t want to embarrass him too badly.

So I took some out, but the collection was getting quite small. At that point, I decided to include the stories I’ve published where the rights have reverted back to me. That brought the total up to 20 stories, which is great but requires more editing and formatting. Which is one reason why the release date has been pushed back again.

I was happy with the  last cover, but spent more time reading about cover design and spent long hours working in Photoshop. A few people thought from the cover that it was a collection of children’s stories, which it’s really, really not.

I spent more time. I was reasonably happy with this. not-a-horse-yg-oe

I also thought about something more literary, like this.


But the image, although cool, was pretty literal. A unicorn is not a horse, true, but what did that say about my stories? Not much. When my friend the amazing artist Wind Lothamer agreed to let me use his art for my cover, the name change came soon after.

This isn’t the final cover but it’s in the vein of what it will look like now.


Bad ass, right? It’s much cooler and I think more indicative of the stories that await within.
Now I’m finishing my line edits, formatting it for ebooks, and waiting for a few people to finish their interior art. That’s the other reason for the delay–not all the pictures are in yet. One nice thing about self-publishing is that it doesn’t matter. It will be ready when it’s ready.

Soon it will be available, for free mind you!, at most online marketplaces. You can read about it here first, of course.



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