Happy Birthday, Edgar Rice Burroughs Adventures!


In February, I was on the subway going to meet my girlfriend at Seoul Forest Park when I got a message from my buddy Wind.

Want to use our Trancers engine to make an Edgar Rice Burroughs themed game? 

He included an semi-updated version with some period photos. Of course I wanted to join in. It started off as a sort of translation of Trancers, but we ended up rebuilding it pretty much from the ground up. We made new skills, new classes, new monsters…new everything. We’ve been working on it pretty consistently ever since, including some pretty epic play-test sessions.

The goal was to have it ready by September 1st, Burrough’s birthday. We actually did have what seemed a complete version, but we ran it by a few critical eyes and their feedback really made it better. It took almost another month before we worked out all the kinks.

And now at long last it’s here. It’s available on Lulu or Drivethru RPG.  If you pick it up, we’d love to hear what you think.



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