31 Days of Halloween – Day 1

Day 1: Halloween is Grinch Night



We started with something silly. This came out the year I was born (It won an emmy!) and is considered a prequel to the more well-known Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It’s pretty trippy by modern standards.

What did you think?

Nahid: It was fun. It wasn’t scary, but it was colorful, especially the part where the Grinch tries to scare him. It’s strange. The Grinch really isn’t scary. If anything, he’s funny.

What was your favorite part?

Nahid. The Wuzzy Woozoo. The psychedelicness of the scare part; I liked that the frights weren’t natural monsters.

What was your least favorite part?

Nahid. The Sergeant’s parts. He looked too human.

Do you think you’d watch this again?

Nahid. Probably. Maybe in two years. It’s better than the Jim Carrey movie.

My thoughts. I never saw this when I was a kid; I think I saw it for the first time recently. It’s pretty hokey but I like that they call the bathroom “the euphemism” and that Max the Dog gets a song where we wonders he ended up in such a terrible life. The Grinch’s voice is really good too. It’s worth throwing into the rotation, I think.

You can watch it here, if you want.


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