31 Days of Halloween


It’s no secret that October is my favorite month. Even here in Korea, where pumpkins are dark green, people call it “Halloween Day” and Samhain sounds more like “Four Victory” than anything to do with All Hallow’s Eve.  (On the other hand, the changing leaves here are excellent.)

Every October, I read a scary book or two and watch as many Horror/Halloween movies as I can. (I have an unofficial rule that that’s all I can read/watch as well.)

This year I’m taking it a step further. Nahid and I will watch 1 thing (movie or cartoon or whatever) each day of October. It can be a full 3 hour gruesome horror movie or simply an episode of Treehouse of Horror. We might do some audio, such as Vincent Price reading The Raven or audio Lovecraft. I will write a small entry for each movie; why I like it, etc. Also, Nahid will chime in. Many Western classics are entirely new to her so things like Sleepy Hollow or Great Pumpkin will be first time views.

This list is subject to change but here is what we have on tap so far.

In the Mouth of Madness
The Wicker Man (OG)
Army of Darkness
Addams Family (Tv Show)
Train To Busan
Troll Hunter
Event Horizon
Ghostbusters (2016)
Donald Duck & the Gorilla
Halloween is Grinch Night
Let the Right One In (OG)
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
The Haunted Palace
The Thing (82)
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (49)
Zombi 2
Sean of the Dead
Nightmare Before Christmas
The Crow (on devil’s night, of course)
John Carpenter’s Halloween

A mix of childish cartoons and the utterly terrifying. It’s not yet a complete list, but we’re getting there. I’d like to add some Hammer films too. Do you have any recommendations?


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