31 Days of Halloween – Day 3: Army of Darkness


For Day three, we watched our first proper movie: Army of Darkness. (Not strictly a Halloween movie in the pure sense of the word, but there are zombies and skeletons it counts). Nahid learned of Ash Williams on a list of 10 heroes who made things worse and she was curious to see what his story was.

We watched the European version, which cut a few of the iconic lines and has a different (but possibly just as good) ending.

What did you think?

Nahid. It was cool. I don’t know. It wasn’t what I expected but it wasn’t worse or better. The special effects were George Melliere level, but they worked. The siege was suspiciously a lot like Helm’s Deep. That guy (Henry the Red) is the first guy ever who takes off his helmet as he rides into battle.

Do you have any idea why it’s considered a cult classic?
Nahid. Hmmm. It was silly. Silly movies are often the ones that end up cult classics.

What was your favorite part?
Nahid. I guess maybe the part that tiny people were attacking. And “I may be bad but I feel good.”

What was your least favorite part?
Nahid. The face of bad Ash–gross. The end battle was too long.

Do you think you’d watch this again?
Nahid. Maybe.

Did watching this make you want to see either of the Evil Deads?
Nahid. I don’t think so. I don’t think I got a good idea from what those movies were from this one, did I?

My thoughts. Nahid doesn’t know this, but Army of Darkness doesn’t get truly hilarious until you’ve seen it 5-10 times. I guess, like all cult movies, it just gets better with more viewings.

It’s kind of a terrible movie but also a perfect movie. Rami knew what he was doing and the composition of the shots, arrow cam, and the mutterings of the villagers are still so great after all these years. It’s probably still my favorite of the horror-comedy sub-genre, although Dead Alive, ReAnimator, Return of the Living Dead and more recent ones like Sean of the Dead, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Black Sheep, Cabin in the Woods, Primal, and Lesbian Vampire Killers are all also super as well.

Here is a (not-great) compilation of some of the best quotes of the movie.


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