31 Days of Halloween – Day 4: In the Mouth of Madness



Our first full length Horror movie. This one is pure psychological horror, with mind trip after mind trip in store. A lot of people consider this the last great Carpenter film, which is hard to disagree with, and also the most Lovecraftian of movies ever made, which I also agree with.

What did you think?
Nahid. It was scary. The idea of mass hysteria is cool. But the dialogue was a bit poor, too wanna be Chinatown.And it didn’t really make sense. A lot of little things didn’t add up. How did the screenwriters not go crazy when adapting the screenplay? What happened to the dogs in the village that they kept setting up?

Why do you think they named it In The Mouth of Madness?
Nahid. It’s a person telling a story so it’s from his mouth, and he’s crazy, so madness.

What was your favorite part?
Nahid. I wouldn’t use the word favorite because I don’t really like scary stuff but the car ride in the night was memorably frightening.

What was your least favorite part?
Nahid. The part that he was running away from the people and the girl. It wasn’t very scary for what it was trying to be.

Do you think you’d watch this again?
Nahid. Probably not. It was disturbing but that was it. And if I watched it again, it won’t even be as disturbing. I’d watch a remake maybe. (Especially with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sutter Cane.)

My thoughts. It’s probably a better meta story than a horror movie but this is one of my favorites. Half the scenes Sam Neil forgets that he’s supposed to be north american, the actress playing Linda Styles is actively bad, and a lot of the little things don’t add up in any kind of satisfying way. But the initial reveal of the small town where all is not right is so creepy. The idea of a villain/character who is writing the story and rewriting it as you watch is pretty incredible. And I love the end shot of Sam Neil munching popcorn and watching the movie we just saw.

When Nahid first mentioned a remake, I thought :blasphemy. But to be honest with good CG and a tighter script, this could be really great. Del Toro, where are you?
Because the world we live in is sometimes wonderful and magical, you can watch the entire thing on youtube.


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