31 Days of Halloween – Day 7: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


Today’s entry is arguably the quintessential Halloween special. The story of Peanuts and their trick-or-treating, of Linus waiting alone in the Pumpkin patch is as classic as candy corn or jack o’ lanterns.Originally sponsored by Cola-Cola back in ’66 when it first debuted, Charlie Brown’s sad Halloween haul resulted in Charlie Brown’s repeated line of  many viewers of the show mailing bags and boxes of candy came in from all over the world “just for Charlie Brown.”

Nahid knew of Snoopy but not really the Charlie Brown specials.

What did you think?

Nahid. It’s cool. But I guess it’s a bit outdated probably. I don’t even normally connect to normal halloween stuff because I’ve never celebrated it but that’s even another level removed. But the kids are cute and everything. It’s weird to me that Charlie Brown is the main character; isn’t this more about Linus?

Why do you think it’s so popular?
Nahid. It’s been around for a while and everyone has grown up watching it. It creates the Great Pumpkin, its own legend and has trick or treats.

What was your favorite part?
Nahid. Sally. And her relationship with Linus. She was cute at the beginning but got worse. Linus was interesting in how much he believed. I guess one cool thing is like (not for me but like for westerners) when you’re a kid you know Santa isn’t real, and it’s kind of a similar thing. Maybe it’s a joke on the Santa thing.

What was your least favorite part?
Nahid. So, the two boys they made them a bit stupid. And the girls were bullying the around. Which made the girls look like jerks. So you get silly but loveable boys and angry, dickhead girls.

Do you think you’d watch this again?
Nahid. I wouldn’t put it on myself, but I’d be happy to watch it again.

My thoughts. My love of Charlie Brown is well-documented. I dressed up like Charlie Brown’s ghost for Halloween once (as an adult) and I do still like this special, but watching it now it seems to have a lot of filler. The whole snoopy subplot, for one. Charlie Brown (not) kicking the football for another. Still, the soundtrack and the pumpkins and iconic quotes are always part of a good Samhain celebration.

Here it is, if you need a link.


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