31 Days of Halloween – Day 8: Ravenous



I saw Ravenous in theaters my senior year of college. I have never felt the suspense more; was literally squirming in the seat during the cave scene. I recommended it to my acting professor, Ed Collier, who was less than impressed. “It’s just a vampire movie.” he said.

But Ed, it’s so much more than that. This dark comedy never really caught on but it has gained something of a cult following. I had mentioned it to Nahid when we saw The Revenant and so she was down to check it out for our 31DaysofHalloween.

What did you think?

Nahid. It was interesting and disturbing. I thought it was a movie where they sent him to the fort, and the fort people were eating their own people, and he would have to fight them. All the acting was pretty decent. The soundtrack was strange; really if the soundtrack was different the movie had zero comedy. With a more conventional dark soundtrack, it would not have been in any way a dark comedy.. The cinematography was good but these days we’re pretty used to it; it doesn’t match up to Revenant but it was still pretty.

What was your favorite part?
Nahid. Um. I guess I didn’t have a favorite part.

What was your least favorite part?
Nahid. Human eating. The fact that they were so easily entrapped.

Why do you think they don’t make more Wenidigo movies?
Nahid. Maybe it’s because it’s native american and not cool European, though on the other hand zombies aren’t either. Maybe they’re afraid of encouraging cannibalism. Or maybe it’s just that no one has brought it to modern times. We do need more Wendigo movies, because they can carry the message of how humans turn against each other so easily nowadays.

Do you think you’d watch this again?
Nahid. I didn’t hate watching it, but it was a bit disturbing. I wouldn’t watch it again.

My thoughts. The soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission. The acting is top notch, the story nice and historical, like an RPG adventure. Plus: Jeffrey Jones! It does break down in act III and you can tell that the last fight is ad-libbed by the two actors but overall this is very solid genre flick in my book.


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