31DaysofHalloween – Day 10: Event Horizon



Today’s entry was not quite a cult classic, but one that was considered quite good upon its release in the late 90s. Starring Larry Fishbourne (just before the Matrix) and Sam “in everything vaguely Lovecraftian” Neal plus a bunch of other character actors, it can best be pitched as demons in space; Hellraiser meets Alien.

What did you think?
It was interesting. For it’s time, it might have been good but it’s close to 20 years old. To be honest, it would make a better Dr. Who episode. The acting was good; all the actors are quite okay. There were a lot of plotholes.

What was your favorite part?
The horrific stuff of the other dimension was cool, but they didn’t explain. Why did the ship kill people? Did it need more crew? What’s the thing with the eyes? It didn’t make sense.

What was your least favorite part?
The final fight. The fire shooting guy was bad and overlord style combat. And just the plotholes in general.

Do you think you’d watch this again?
Probably not. Unless it’s a remake with Benedict Cumberbatch.

My thoughts. I remembered this movie as being utterly terrifying but sadly it doesn’t really hold up. The effects aren’t good, too much is unexplained, and it’s never really scary. I still really like the actors but (sadly) this isn’t one that is staying in the rotation.

Here’s the full movie:


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