31DaysofHalloween – Day 11: Ghostbusters 2016


Today’s entry is a bit of a controversial one. The trailer was widely panned, in part because there are still a lot of sexist dudes around but also because it wasn’t a very good trailer. When I’d heard they were remaking Ghostbusters with an all women cast, I thought it was as good an idea as ever. I mean, it’s probably better not to remake a movie that came out within most of our lives, but if you are, do something interesting with it. And giving female moviegoers realistic, everyday characters on the screen is something in surprising scarcity.

Because I had yet to see this, and Nahid saw it in theaters, she interviewed me for this one. Then she supplied her own thoughts, which were in a bit more detail than I usually go into.

What did you think about the movie?
Ahimsa. I really liked the idea of it, but the execution felt pretty average. It wasn’t so much a comedy as an action movie, a dumb action movie at that. It seems like they could have done a lot more. For instance especially in the third act it seems like they made it up as they went along. The bad guy froze some people but not others, the Swiss army knife only killed some ghosts not others. Especially in a movie with fantastical elements you need to have consistent rules.

Did you enjoy watching the movie?
Ahimsa. To be honest it just made me want to watch the original, but I really liked Holtzmann.

What was your favorite part?
Ahimsa. Holtzmann; her performance was stand out. The effects where good, the mayors line about jaws was good. And Chris Hemsworth was funny.

What was your least favorite part?
Ahimsa. I would say the bad script and the lack of chemistry between the leads, underwhelming villain and the cliché characters such as sassy black woman etc.

Some men were offended with Chris Hemsworth’s role. What are your thoughts on that?
Ahimsa. I suspect those men are probably more sexist than they realize; it was a nice trope reversal.

Would you watch it again?
Ahimsa. I would but probably at a ratio of three original Ghostbusters to one.

Nahid’s Thoughts: Ghostbusters (2016) was indeed a movie accompanied with internet controversy. The original trailer on Youtube is notoriously disliked and looking at the comment section is a proof of the gender war that accompanied the debate over the movie.
Well to be honest, the trailer is bad as is the movie. But I do not find this movie any worse than many other recent installments in various franchises that are arguably worse but do not receive as much hate (I’m looking at you, Avengers and Pirates of the Caribbean). My opinion is that there is obvious gender related issues at work.
Let me connect another example to illuminate my point; Mad Max Fury Road was hated on by a small group because it had a strong female lead.
I did personally enjoy Ghostbusters, not because it was a brilliant one but because it is refreshing to have such a female lead. I cannot describe how happy it makes me feel, I had only felt this way about Furiosa and Lisa Simpson. I really enjoyed Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon’s performance and I loved both their characters.
But there are two points that I wish the film makers had reconsidered; the stereotypical African American and the dumbing down of the male characters especially Kevin. While both the actors did a great job it is still baffling how the film makers did not shake things up a little bit. Although Kevin’s role was a funny gender reversal and my thumbs up goes to Chris Hemsworth who can actually have a pick of any white male lead he wishes and he still gave this a shot.
To the disagreement of most people I have to say I do not think the original Ghostbusters is a better movie than the reboot, but I saw the original last year for Halloween so maybe it is just that it’s too old.
Final thoughts; the story and the plot were weak and full of holes and that is regrettable. But I liked the costumes and the set designs. I wish to see more of McKinnon. I will probably watch this movie again.
Bottom-line: I suggest everyone with a knack for blockbusters to give it a shot, especially if you have girls. Personally I wish there were more movies like this around when I was growing up but Ariel was the strongest role model I had so go figure.

Here is a cut of someone’s favorite scenes.


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