31DaysofHalloween – Day 13: Fallen


Today’s movie isn’t really proper horror and it never really captured the cultural zeitgeist. For my money, though, it’s up there with Se7en as a grim 90’s detective movie with Hebrew mythology underpinnings. It has a top notch cast too–Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, Embeth Davidtz, James Gandolfini, and Jeremy Renner (sort of).

Nahid tried to guess the end but she couldn’t quite get there.

What did you think?
Nahid. It was solid. The story connected well throughout and the acting was good. The cinematography was interesting. I don’t like movies with christian messages, but compared to others, it was less pushing an agenda and more using the mythology.

What was your favorite part?
Nahid. I liked the acting and the cinematography. The shots from the demon perspective were memorable. I liked the scenes where people touched each other and the demon passed from person to person. Creepy!

What was your least favorite part?
Nahid. Other than the Christian parts, I didn’t think the twist worked. Until the end twist, the narrator wasn’t a good part of the movie. The consistent narration kind of lessened the movie for me. I didn’t like that the demon got to get away so easily at the end.

Do you think you’d watch this again?
Nahid. I usually don’t re-watch movies, and although I enjoyed it wasn’t my perfect favorite. To me, it didn’t have a Halloween atmosphere. The monster wasn’t really a monster; he didn’t really have a form. There wasn’t actually anything otherworldly about it.

My thoughts: The Christian mythology doesn’t help the movie, nor does the police=goodguys narrative, but the acting is great, the story good, the dialogue snappy, the cinematography is great and it has maybe the best use of a Stones song in any movie, ever.
The initial scenes of  Gretta Milano warning Hobbes away are chilling. I like that the writers never pursued a love interest; all too rare in movies. The ending was perfect too–a millenia old demon is of course far stronger than a human.

I’m not sure why it didn’t do better.
Here is one the most memorable scenes from the movie.


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