31DaysofHalloween – Day 14: District 9


This is only a Halloween movie in the loosest sense, (Aliens once being ranked with vampires, ghosts, and witches as fundamental aspects of the holiday, though I think that is less true as time goes on.) But Nahid kept reading scholarly references to it while researching her Masters and so we sneaked it in to our viewing.


What did you think?

Nahid. It was interesting and a little bit disturbing. A little bit sad. There were moments I wish I could have cried. It had a good balance of action and satire. The satire was good, but it did follow the action movie formula.

What was your favorite part?
Nahid. The parts where he was running away, trying to survive, trying to get the guns from the Nigerians, those parts. I like that, especially with the refugee crisis and people having trouble getting integrated into societies if they are even allowed in in the first place, that there are commentaries on it. I wonder if they could have put in a mention of humans trying to improve the alien situation–would there be charities?

Oh I also like that the main characters was borderline un-likeable, a spineless corporate person.

What was your least favorite part?
Nahid. Where he hit Christopher and stole the ship. It didn’t make sense at all. Also, the final fighting had too much lecturing. Both the Nigerian and the South African talked for too long instead of just killing their enemies. Also, I don’t like that Christopher left them all behind.

Do you think you’d watch this again?

My thoughts. I had forgotten how much I liked this movie. True scifi greatness; the satire is some of the best. I like how it’s kind of mockumentary but not limited to it, how the aliens aren’t subtitled, how the good the practical effects of his hand were, how the two primary aliens are a father and son. Sharlto Copley is so perfect in his role that it’s tempting to think no other person could have done better. I’d say it’s up there with Aliens as an effective satire and kick-ass action movie. Other than a few Act III missteps, it’s almost a perfect flick.

Here’s the trailer.


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