A list of movies for RPG Geeks

I’ve watched a lot of fantasy and RPG movies over the years so I thought I’d put them into a list. The first two are short and the rest on the list are vaguely feature-ish. There is no order here; everything is a recommend based on inclusion. There are no doubt lots that I’ve left out so feel free to recommend anything I missed in the comments.

Kanye the Giant

Just a quick sketch from Key & Peele but it’s pretty damn funny.


Another short film from some french canuck guys that is filthy but hilarious. Reminds me a lot of a guy I knew in high school.

Knights of Badassdom

Probably the most famous movies, starring Tyrion Lannister and Abed from Community, that chick from Firefly and one of the weird brothers from Always Sunny. Though some found it disappointing. I think it’s hilarious and I love that a bard is the main character.

Zero Charisma

This is kind of a bummer of a movie, in the way that it rings way too true for us geeks. It’s serious and awkward and endearing and really good.

THAC0: The Movie

This has the worst acting of any movie on this list. Maybe any movie ever. But the writing is really, really sharp–imagine if Kevin Smith was a slightly worse director but much more of an RPG Geek. This is exponentially funnier the more of a Geek you are, and it also somehow has a cameo by TRUE GEEK ROYALTY.

Unicorn City

A story about a RPG player who wants a job with Wizards of the Coast and decides that throwing a LARP is the way to impress them. The main flaw in this movie is that the protagonist is quite a douche and it’s hard to root for him.

Monster Camp

I really like this documentary about LARPers in the Pacific Northwest. There are human stories and perhaps it skews towards the more extreme element but that’s pretty inevitable if you’re trying to tell an interesting story.

The Gamers

These guys have lots of funny videos, short films and long movies. Like everything else on this list, the budget isn’t always there but inventiveness and the hilarity is. My favorite i the Humans & Households bit, where they play fantasy characters roleplaying mundane characters in our world.


Another documentary about LARPing. I actually have watched this twice and I never really liked it but I’m including it here because a lot of people do.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God

The first D&D movie wasn’t good; okay, it was terrible. This one is lower budget and probably doesn’t have anyone you ever heard of in it, but the heart is there. It feels a lot more like a fun fantasy movie.

The Dungeon Masters

This documentary, like Zero Charisma, holds an intense mirror up and makes nerds feel really uncomfortable.

It also has an instructive segment on how to treat dice that roll poorly.bad-dice-small


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