Star Wars: Episode 9. How it could go PART 2.


Star Wars Episode 9

Jasper says

I feel like we need to fix a few things from Episode VIII starting with Luke wanting to murder his nephew after being the most naive and hopeful kid in the galaxy of dad issues. Now Luke’s inability to help those in need will fuel Ben’s path down the dark side, as it did… similar to Anakin’s fall. The whole beginning would probably be as long as the Jabba’s palace sequence.

This version of Episode IX leans on the events of VIII but also embraces a few changes a lot of people seem to agree on: Leia didn’t make it. Sorry. I’m curious to see how they will bring her back to life in IX… from what I’ve heard so far, they will cut together her unused footage plus CGI magic. Hmmmm. Well not in my version. Also Rose never happened. Not a fan. We already have so many characters that are in dire need of fleshing out. Maybe if she stays in the background and doesn’t get to much attention it might work out but currently things just seem kinda awkward. Feels like they wanted to hook up Finn with Rose and Rey with Poe. NOT IN MY VERSION!

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jasper SW

Jasper’s final thoughts.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now. Never done this before, but it was a blast brainstorming on how I would shape the next installment of everybodies favorite space wizard samurai saga. Realistically I think Disney will (and kind of have to) pull a “Revenge of the Sith”. Disney are not stupid. For them a good movie is one that also made good money and that applies to any franchise. So now that they’ve noticed they’re not doing so well on that front after VIII and Solo, I’m sure they will discuss other… more effective ways of how to make a “good movie”. And maybe that’s all it’ll take. I just want Star Wars to be something we can all look forward to at Christmas. Let it continue and expand to grow as the happy place it has become for so many and not be the centre of social media debates over SJW and hate discussions. All this stuff has left quite the sour after taste in the mouth of many a fan including myself and I think we would all love to see these things be settled for the best. But I guess all we can truly do for now… is to trust the Force until we get to see it ourselves.

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