Published Fiction & Interviews

Ahimsa is a peripatetic language mercenary and spec-fic writer who is fond of rambling hikes, eerie ruins, craft beer, and tofu tacos.

He was a co-founder of “The Tavern Wench,” a spec fic magazine of the early 2000’s.

His screenplay The Cannibal (co-written with Garrett Calcaterra) placed as a finalist in both the 2008 Slamdance Horror Screenplay Competition and the 2008 Horror Screenplay Contest, in addition to achieving a Semi-Finalist in the 2007 Screenplay Festival in the Thriller/Horror category.


His Edgar Allen Poe haiku won 2nd place with the Innsmouth Free Press.

His story “Mr. Potato Head”  appeared in  The New Flesh in October, 2010.

His story “Tuning In, Turning On, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness” can be found in Cthulhurotica.  You can buy it on amazon.


You can read “The Trial,” a blend of Lovecraft and ancient Greece, at The Eschatology Journal.

November 2011: Interview at Rainy of the Dark.


His flash fiction “The Scholars” appeared in  Eggplant Literary Productions in August, 2012.

The story “Sam the Pirate” appeared in Roar and Thunder in December 2012.

His story “The Beginning of All Things” can be found in the Origins Anthology, which appeared in December of 2012.


His story “A Modicum of Conspiracy” was published by Interstellar Fiction in February 2013.

His story “The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists” was published by Fiction Vortex in July 2013  It was voted Story of the Month for July by the editors.

His story “Mr Potato Head” was podcast in September 2013 by Tales to Terrify.

Contributed to article 20 Obscure SF/F/H Books Reccomended by the Pros

December 2013: The Roads to Baldairn Motte published by Reputation Books.You can like it on facebook.


January 2014: Guest post on mosaic novels at SciFi Signal

January 2014: His story “A Faint Drumming, A Red Flame” was published in Volume IX, Issue 2 of Tails of the Talisman.  You can order the magazine here.

January 2014: Interview at Dab of Darkness

October 2014: His novel Empire of the Undead was published by Severed Press.

November 2014: His story “On the Quest for the Crow King” appeared in the Dead Harvest Anthology.

December 2014: Interview at Prose&Cons

December 2014: His story Ekdíki̱si̱ appeared in the anthology History and Horror Oh My.


January 2015: Interview about Trial of Socrates at the blog of Sarah E. Glenn

February 2015: Turning On, Tuning In, & Dropping Out At The Mountains Of Madness podcast on Tales to Terrify.

March 2015: His novel Beneath the Mantle was published by Severed Press.

March 2015: His interview with Joe Abercrombie on the nature and nuance of Grimdark.

May 2015: Contributed to Black Gate‘s Fantasy Cliches Done Right.


January 2016: Released RPG Module: The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia

April 2016: His novel Cthulhu Kaiju was published by Severed Press.

October 2016: Released Short Story Collection: Shaolin vs Vikings


August 2017: Released short story Broken Places of the Earth

September 2017: Released short story Sky Castles of Yesterday

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