Back on the Chain Gang

Over the last year(ish), I finished a novel, self-published a book of short stories and have been developing RPG material but my short story output really shrank down to nothing.

But in the last month I wrote a new Lovecraftian story and finished a Post-Apocalyptic story I began 6 years ago and put aside. That second story relies on a twist hinted at in the below picture, but the less said about it, the better.

che marley

I’m not actually sure how good either of the stories are, but it does feel nice to have them finished. Next up, finish working on RPG module Black Blade of the Demon King and then try to finish one of the two novels I’ve started. It’s going to be a busy summer.

NanoWriMo 2016

I have mixed feelings about (Inter)National Writing Month. On one hand, I’m of the opinion that writing isn’t just something any one can pick up and do. It takes a lot of time to study the craft and the implication that all it takes is time is a little insulting. (We don’t have national Plumbers month, or National Doctors month, right?)

But on the other hand, having a month where you focus on writing over 1000 words a day is good. The key to finishing your work, I think, is not so much writing every day but wanting to write every day. And NanoWriMo does that, it helps you to want to write.

I doubt that I’ll get anywhere near the 50,000 words that I’d need to poop out to win. But hopefully I can get somewhere between 10-30 thousand words done. This is a project that has been mulling in my head since January and I keep putting it off. It will be good to put some time into it and see where it can go.

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year, click the mocked up cover to see my profile.