Coming Soon: Shroudfall

As time goes by, my interest in writing has slightly transitioned into that of publishing. That is why I interned for 3 months at Microcosm Publishing and have been improving my Indesign for the last couple years.

I have a goal of publishing an anthology some day. It’s going to take some cash though and will have to remain on the backburner until I can save up enough to fund it.

Meanwhile, I have of course been publishing some RPG books. And that is gaining some traction. I hope to publish some books written by other people, and there are some exciting collaborations coming up soon with some luminaries in the RPG world.

But something exciting is coming very soon. My friend Ashley Johnson wrote a high-octane post-apocalyptic fantasy novel that didn’t gain much traction with established publishers. Which is lucky for me: it’s going to be the first novel published by Knight Owl Publishing.

shroudfall cover 2.jpg

My pal Luka Rejec busted out an incredible cover that exceeded all my expectations. I would pick this book up in a bookstore based on the cover alone. Here’s the blurb:

The Stand meets Dungeons & Dragons

The day he first discovers he can do magic, Kyle Finlagen inadvertently detonates two zombies and an entire hardware store. Surviving in post-apocalyptic Washington State is not easy. There is no electricity, firestorms are falling from the skies, other people are developing strange new abilities and dead people are starting to pick themselves up and chomp on the living.

To further complicate things, Kyle finds himself leading a group of dazed survivors desperate to find food and refuge. Few people know how to farm or to build houses anymore but together they begin to pick up from the ashes and rebuild.

It is then the goblins attack.

Kyle must master his magical gifts, lead a team of refugees, and ultimately dare to challenge the god-like entity known as the Shroud that seeks to kill them all.

If you’ve read all this and want to be an advanced reader, let me know in the comments. I’ll be providing Digital Arcs in return for reviews starting in August.



New RPG Book: Invasion of the Tuber Dudes


Last time I posted here, you might remember was to announce that Black Blade of the Demon King was finished.

Since then, I’ve moved to Thailand, started a new job, and spent my nights working on this. At last it’s ready. With art from Luka Rejec and that stupendous cover from Wind Lothamer I hope that my adventure can live up to their skillz!

Moving on, phew, I have a lot to work on. 4 or 5 more partially written RPG modules, 2 partially written novels, 1 novel by someone else I’m publishing, and of course still working on my travel blog too.

Behold! Black Blade of the Demon King!

If you’re into RPGs, maybe you want to check the new book by Knight Owl Publishing. Equal parts metal-and-Moorcock inspired, it’s a rather unique adventure.

cover image

It’s been some time in the making.

Wind Lothamer began with the art in May 2016.  By that November I had written the 24 NPCs (in much the same form they are in now). I playtested it that fall, then again on Free RPG day in 2017, and then again in the autumn of 2017. Since then, we’ve been polishing and expanding it.

None of that means its good, of course, but at the least we’ve been deliberate and thoughtful. It has my best RPG writing and some of Wind’s best art ever too.

We made a playlist too. Let us know what you think!