Cthulhu Kaiju – Rough Draft Complete

In contrast to the speedy 2.5 months I wrote Beneath the Mantle in, Cthulhu Kaiju took 4.5 months. Why? I wish I knew. Lovecraft and hippies and Oregon? I couldn’t have had a novel subject closer to my heart. But the pressure of getting it right was strong. In the end, I had to quite my second job and stop all extra-curricular activities for two months. But the first draft is done and it’s gone out to beta readers.

Here is my wordle, in case you wondering what words I (over)use.

wordle 2

As is my wont, I went through quite a few titles. Here are some I considered.

Blasphemy in Bridgetown

The Stygian Corners of Stumptown

Febrile Cultists of Bridgetown

SAN loss in Stumptown

Cthulhu vs. Portlandia

Elder Signs and Ancient Ones

People’s Republic of Cthulhu

Cthulhu: End of the Cosmic Dream

Keep Portland Squamous

But my publisher reckons Cthulhu Kaiju will be a better seller and I trust his wisdom. I followed the same story structure as in Mantle, (which is a hodgepodge of advice from Moorcock, Mieville and Dan Harmon) although I also deviated from it more.

Here are some of the many photos I used for inspiration. (My bookmarks folder has 41 tabs. I had to research A LOT for this book, although then I had to go and cut most of it out to avoid over exposition. And so it goes)

Anyway, the book should be out soon. You’ll hear from me here when it is, naturally.


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